Pictures of Spring brings together a collection of new artworks by Philip Coyne centred around the various modes and methods of cultural proliferation and the move away from ‘authentic’ cultural inheritance. This exhibition addresses contemporary culture’s topographical and chronological ambiguity, with a focus on the individual’s experience of it. Pictures of Spring attempts to speak of a world where archaic and contemporary ideas begin to realign in mechanical terms, where the esoteric is easily accessible and where appropriation has become the main form of personal expression.

Central to Coyne’s work is a questioning of creative positions and their implicit critical shortcomings, especially in relation too the tropes of western thinking. Coyne tries to navigate the fraught positions that naivety, misappropriation and apathy offer up. Criti- cally ambivalent, the works wallow in the ‘uglier’ forces acting upon contemporary culture, questioning whether these areas offer up a more accountable position for artists to live and work in.

Coyne uses sculpture, sound and drawings to question ideological positions, the solip- sism of the art world and the malleable nature of contemporary culture. Often utilising a fabricated cultural make-up, Coyne weaves a sprawling narrative in the negative space between works binding them together into their own autonomous nexus.

Philip Coyne (b. 1989), currently studying an Unaccredited MA at The School Of The Damned. Recent exhibitions include Five Green Eyes, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London, UK (2014), Wu Tang - Killa Beez, blip blip blip, Leeds, UK (2013), Contempo- rary Figuration (father this is what I have learnt thus far), UDSTILLINGSSTEDET Q, Copenhagen, Denmark (2013), Finding Ray Brower, Annuale 2013, Embassy, Edin- burgh, UK (2013), &Model Guest Residency, &Model, Leeds, UK (2013).

09.10.14 - 26.10.14