On Thursday February 12th from 6.30pm every artwork in Gallery At Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun will be awaiting ownership. Any works in the space are free for people to take away with them. In return you may wish to bring and exchange an object in place of another. The artists are aware that their work is their to be taken and exchanged as you so wish.

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Free Things is an exhibition instigated by Jack Fisher considering the value of art as commodity and the interconnectivity of social media. The point of departure was a selection of invited participants from Fisher’s Facebook friends list. Orchestrated primarily through Facebook Messenger; the constant exchange between artists and collation of ideas explores the potential of an instant networking system. Asking people to essentially donate works meant artists would be surrendering ideas and financial gain for the collective consensus.

‘Ownership is just an ocean’

Last summer I grew a 1.25m sunflower, took it to the park and planted it amongst the roses – I took a photo of it but ive lost the sd card somewhere. Its probably dead now.

I just saw a bus go past with an advert for the new Steven Hawking movie ‘The Theory of Everything’. Now i cant stop thinking about the length of time it took me to read the image, to write this sentence and for you to read it.

13.02.15 - 15.02.15