“Blue noise, minimal-rooted and house-technoid intelli-club anthems.”

Tremblor’s debut process could fit somewhere between functional non-club material and sci-ambient mood noise. Whatever the outcome, a reimagining of the Earth’s quasistatic processes via the freshest DJing techniques would update the avatar of seismic sounds and further smudge the fringes of “pure” elektronische Musik and musique concrete. The result is a 96 hour set performed by bought, borrowed and purloined sound systems, stereo systems and boom boxes. Eleven segments of raw data from earthquakes will be twinned with their name-sake audio effects. The 2011 Tokyo earthquake will be transmuted through the Tokyo resonator effect, the Valhalla earthquake through the Valhalla resonator effect, and so on. Seismographic waveforms become abstract techno-enthused, staccato illbient.

Not your average debut. Written by Adam Townend

20.05.15 - 14.05.15