(it’s all) Tropical present the Institute of Tropical Art (ITA): As part of a three month long residency (It’s All) Tropical is opening it's doors to it’s very first project Space- the Institute of tropical Art at STCFTHOTS Studios in Leeds. This is supported by Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds.

Over these 3 months, Tropical is creating three exhibitions that explore contemporary artists' relationships with 20th century artistic movements and traditional genres. Wild Beasts is the second of the three shows.

The exhibition will be a celebration of emerging artists who have an oversaturated and overzealous outlook on the everyday. The artists invited to participate are the new generation of Fauvs, abundantly and unabashedly championing colour to sickly sweet extremes. Tropical will be creating an immersive, Technicolor environment in the gallery... a feast for all the mind, body and soul.

Graeme Durant, Freya Fullarton, Matt Hilvers, Neil Haas, Lindsey Mendick, Rebecca Molloy, Nick Newman