'A Naïve Utopia' is a solo exhibition by Joseph Legg

"Current mainstream tech such as smartphones and laptops are not capable of delivering an emotional connection to the extent that wearable technology can. Electronics company 'emoji-systems' are launching their newest wearable tech device aimed to revolutionise the way we communicate our emotions. The cyber collar delivering a technology-driven human experience that people can adopt as an engaging part of their daily routine. Inbuilt software synergizes data from all social media apps and summarizes your online output into a single universal symbol, the Emoji. Wearing the ideogram around your neck throughout the day, an understanding of how you're feeling is created before the question of ‘How’re you feeling?’ is asked. The ‘emoji-systems’ device is connecting the digital and physical worlds on its most emotional level to date"

Joseph Legg Founder and CEO of 'emoji-systems'

♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡