Branding and logos have increasingly become integrated into the lexicon of contemporary art. Gucci, Chanel and Nike are accumulating on the surfaces of paintings, sculptures and screens.

More and more, contemporary artists are invested in the actions of borrowing, stealing and appropriating capitalist signifiers. Sell Out seeks to reflect on the impact of these perpetuations and/or perversions of capitalist signage.

Is it possible to subvert this system of symbols and challenge constructions of intellectual property through acts of appropriation?

Or are these art works simply complicit in offering free advertising space to corporations?

Does this even matter?

Aden Ashfaq, Das Balloon, George Chinnery, Jack Fisher, Aitor Gonzalez, Clare Holdstock, Sam Hutchinson, Gregory Herbert Will Kendrick, Joseph Legg, Mark Martin, Luke Nairn, Mark Scott-Wood, M Reme Silvestre , Anya Stewart Maggs, Matthew Verdon, Jacob Watmore, Lewk Wilmshurst

Sell Out concludes Seize’s three month curatorial residency at Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds.

06.05.16 - 20.05.16