Claudia Dance-Wells


2015: BA Hons Fine Art Painting, University Of Brighton

2016: I'm Sorry About Last Night, The Washington, Sheffield, UK
2015: I'm in Love with Rococo, Institute of Tropical Art, STCFTHOTS studios, Leeds, UK
2015: CBS gallery off-site group exhibition at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK
2015: Expensive Creams, Near Source, Leeds, UK
2015: The Koop Project, Brighton, UK
2015: CLAM JAM, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK
2015: LIKE IT OR LUMP IT, Enjoy Project Space, Leeds, UK
2015: The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, UK
2015: Treat Yo Self, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK
2015: You Think the Only People Who Are People, Are the People Who Look Like You. But If You Walk In the Footsteps of a Stranger, You Yearn Things You Never Knew You Never Knew, 2 Queens Gallery, Leicester, UK
2015: Best In Show, Same Shit Different Day Gallery, London, UK