“Siempre es un buen momento” is the first solo exhibition by Aitor Gonzalez at a UK gallery.

For this show, Aitor Gonzalez explores the conceptual and formal possibilities of everyday objects, trying to fit them into the art production sphere.

In his practice, objects are taken from a consume environment and deconstructed in order to find new significations. Transforming these objects is for the artist an important creative process in which the viewer can find new perspectives of facing them.

In his work, Gonzalez moves the objects from their common usage, whilst inscribing them into a new kind of thought. He tries to subvert the lineal nature of the manufactured goods (from production to consumption ) and make new interpretations of his surrounding reality.

The exhibition space also plays a very important part in this process of deconstruction and resignification of the works, and it is here where the artist tries to explore into its own condition as a culture producer.

The pieces are a halfway between their history as mass produced goods and their possibility to become a cultural product. Although his works follow a formalist aesthetics of modernism, the traditional monumental quality of sculpture is lost by the introduction of found objects that gives them a vulnerable appearance, as though they were naked. Its is almost as if somehow they are scared of exhibiting to the audience, and subsequently, of the potentially unlimited number of interpretations they could trigger.

18.11.16 - 01.12.16