p-nuts – Tessa Hawkes – Near-Source

Private View: 9th February 6.30 – 9.30

‘p-nuts’ focusses on how there can be a formal dialogue between works on the floor and the wall. Both the sculptural and drawing based works come from the idea of balance; physical balance and compositional balance. Tessa Hawkes thinks of the studio environment as a three-dimensional drawing space and this is translated into the exhibition setting.

The floor works, bby bricks, is a collection of painted bricks sitting on mint green packing peanuts. The colours include blue babe, lemon tropics and pretty pink. These bricks were placed in their positions with the idea of balance in mind while their colours give them a kind of personality. For this show the bricks have been partnered with newer wall based works as a way to introduce different colours and relationships between objects and pull in Tessa’s continuing investigation into drawing and sculpture as a partnered way of making.

Tessa Hawkes graduated with BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Leeds College of Art (2016) and recently completed a two-week long residency at Dumfries House which was in association with the Royal Drawing School.

9.02.17 – 12.02.17