Gum Up – Megan Smith – Near Source

Megan Smith’s practice addresses negotiations of space and form through playful sculptures and assemblages. Sculptural language is used to blur ideas between spatial relationships. The familiar and unfamiliar become abstracted and malleable situations materialise enabling new experiences.

Gum up explores the liminal spaces of our everyday experiences among interior and exterior, internal and external. Architectural and industrial references present a functional and physical space, whilst tactile objects resembling food inform our sensory stimulations. Fleshy, gory and limb-like forms appear which reveal how we literally encounter things internally. The juxtaposing forms mingle with one another in attempt to digest how we physically and emotionally engage with the material world.

Megan Smith graduated with BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Loughborough University (2016). Upcoming solo show at Two Queens Gallery Leicester.

16.02.17 - 19.02.17